TRANQUILLITAS STACEY DEMARCO & CASS CAMPBELL- ORIGINAL GUIDED MEDITATIONS AND MUSIC FOR RELAXATION, DEEP CALM AND JOY.  This is the whole album: Contains around 3 hours of powerful magical journeying and soundscape.

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Divine Animals: Be still. Listen. Observe and receive the energies and gifts of the animals.

Apollo and the Swans: Inspire lightness of being, beauty, restoration, peace and self-love with the mythos of the God Apollo.

Athena:  Drawing strength, wisdom and inspiration with the mythos of the magnificent Goddess Athena.

Butterfly: Explore the transformational magic, colour and possibilities within you.

Rhiannon and the Horses: Inspire self-trust, confidence and self-esteem with the mythos of the Goddess Rhiannon.



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