“Music for the Mind” is meditation infused guitar created by Cass Campbell.



Cass’ music comes from a place within that flows from a deep connection to the rhythms of nature and life around her. She is inspired by landscapes, its many forms and colours and from visiting Ancient Sacred sites while travelling. Her soothing melodies, subtle harmonies and sonic pulse will take you on a journey to help you explore and create space within you – inviting a sense of peace, relaxation and connection.



 Cass was introduced to meditation in 2010 and later studied meditation and breath work as part of her yoga teacher training where she developed a strong curiosity for the mind/body/spirit connection. She now combines her love of music and passion for health and wellbeing by providing soundscapes for meditation, yoga teachers and for other wellbeing events.


She held a ukulele in her hands from the age of four and began guitar lessons from the age of seven and years later was invited to perform at a special concert for ‘Young Musicians of the Hunter’. She holds AMEB accreditation for classical guitar and has played in orchestras for amateur musical productions within Newcastle, until she pursued other careers. Cass later rediscovered her love for guitar and is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Music at the Conservatorium of Newcastle where she has a special interest in latin guitar and world music. Cass plays both nylon and steel string acoustic guitars and loves the contrasting sound of her Native American Flute.  She has played in various music productions and in session bands.  She is incredibly grateful for her guitar teachers and the connection that music offers to everyone, everywhere.



 She seeks out street muso’s while travelling, she is often watching a sunrise, running in nature or gazing up at the night sky. Cass has completed several half marathon running events and believes the rituals we create for ourselves in our daily routine offers a more intimate connection to ourselves and to all things around us. She believes her past experience as an emergency service worker allows her to appreciate and value the simple things in life and gives her an insight into what people need to balance their stress.



 Cass hopes that her music brings you the gift of peace and the self loving action of taking some time out for yourself.