Hi there.  Thank you for joining me along this music journey.  Like most of you, I love listening to music, enjoy many different styles and have many favourite artists.  This morning, I listened to Sarah McLachlan talk about practising.  It was so interesting because she is not a fan of practising scales.  Instead, she described how she ‘needs’ to play her piano every day, to put her “…hands on a wood resonating instrument…” and describing it as being “ … medicine to me…” (taken from her insta vid 22/4/2020).  

Not long after this, I went out for my daily run into nature and pondered on Sarah’s words as the birds chirped all around me.   Both of my guitars are so special, each one unique with their own distinct ‘voices’, resonance and timber.  My Cordoba guitar is my nylon string guitar and the back and sides are cypress.  It is a step down from a traditional flamenco guitar and therefore, can be useful for some light percussive sounds which is featured in flamenco guitar playing.  While I do not play flamenco, I do love latin rhythms and do use some percussive sounds in some of my own pieces.  ‘Red Rock Dawn’ which was inspired by a trip to Uluru in 2019 features some light percussion but that’s a story for another time!  My steel string guitar is made by Taylors and the timber is Koa, a Hawaiian dense tropical timber that brings out the top-end brightness and chime.  

At the time I purchased my guitars, both ‘felt’ right in my arms despite the many I pulled down from the racks and each one, really did win me over by their sound and their timber markings.  

All of the instruments that you will hear in my debut album ‘HUSH’ (which has been delayed due to this strange time we are in) involves timber in some form and that kinda makes me smile, after all, I do belong to an earth sign!!  As my run came to an end and I was leaving the beautiful old trees behind, a real sense of  gratitude for the love of my guitars came over me.  I too feel the sense of connection to nature they offer me and like Sarah, I too choose to play every day and that is my practice and my medicine.